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A blog dedicated to Justin Bieber's glorious, wonderful bulge. Also known as Jerry.
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Sorry for the lack of pictures lately guys, but you can check out my brand new imagine here:


Dirty Imagine #3 - Part One

Hey guys, as I said in my previous post, I’m far too busy to run this blog at the moment. But, I will still be uploading content when I have a chance, and that’s what I have done! I’ve written a brand new imagine. Here it is. Be sure to follow this blog for all the imagines.



I’m at the busiest point in my life right now. Far too busy to maintain this blog.

This isn’t the end, just a (hopefully) short break until I’m less stressed and not busy anymore.

I’m asking you to please stay on board, it’s just a hiatus. I will be back.

Thanks for your support.